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  • Kathryn Shipley – This Will Always Be My Town (Official Music Video)“This Will Always Be My Town”, is a love story about the love one has for the place in which they grew up. The memories explored and shared are the culmination of a beautiful friendship that inspired a beautiful song. It is so true, when people say, ” There is no place like home”
  • Kathryn Shipley – Your Love is Enough (Official Music Video)
    “Your Love Is Enough” is a song that captures and conveys the beauty of God’s Love. The song is laced with themes of grace, redemption and speaks of the tenderness of God. It sings of the salvation and the victory of our faith. In all seasons of our life, our failures and victories, God’s love will always be enough.
  • Louisiana High School
    1971 Homecoming Parade
    Video added to YouTube by Jerry Runyan.Film shot by Mr. Pitney and supplied to Jerry by Roger Keller who obtained it from our 1971 exchange student the late Gill Girdwood.Link to YouTube (opens in new window)
  • Louisiana, MO Homecoming Parade 2015 ~ Color Guard and BandLink to YouTube (opens in new window)
  • LHS Homecoming Parade 2014
    Link to YouTube (opens in new window)
  • Louisiana, MO Homecoming Parade 2017 ~ Junior & Senior floats
    Link to YouTube (opens in new window)

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